Refit Begins

Back in Comox our first task is to get to know our new boat and decide what projects are a priority. From the survey we knew we had leaks around the port lights so that was at the top of a list that we were sure was going to grow somewhat. Most of the systems would have to be gone through!.  These first few posts are after the fact but I will endeavour to recap all the things we have done to Adesso!  While all this is going on our focus is to prepare for a year offshore with Josh, work to save money for that trip, and enjoy cruising here in the Pacific North West.  Life will be full!   While I was busy putting Adesso together in Anacortes, Sue and Josh finished moving out of our sold house , partially into a rental suite which was our transition land base and the storage unit. Downsizing  sounds easy but I can attest to its challenges! Lots of what do we have that for??


Adesso at rest in Henry Bay

So the first job at hand was to take a deep breath and spend a day or two in Henry Bay, an hour sail away to relax after a month of chaos.  While we were walking beaches, the list started.

Adesso sailing

Sailing passed Tree Island off Comox

replace port-lights,  repair hatches,  new dodger (fully enclosed),  fix and paint shower,  clean everywhere,  remove air conditioner,  clean up wiring,  add solar panel,  decide about the teak decks,  and ….

So in the end we sailed too our berth in Comox to begin our adventure!