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While nature is a ‘scape’ hard to rival, the other scape that has become surprisingly dear to us has been the people-scapes we’ve traversed.  When we set off on our adventure, I imagined solitude on the ocean, swimming, wave-playing, hiking, being in nature, and having close-knitting experiences with Ted and Josh.  So far, we’ve spent far more time in cities & towns than anticipated.  I recall after arriving in the San Francisco Bay area that after about 3 days, I felt ready to head out again.  It was just a bunch of buildings, touristas, shops, fast catamaran ferries, hustledy-bustledy.  Then we met Bart on a dock in Sausalito.  A concept designer who recently spent time in Vancouver, living temporarily on a sailboat, who filled in lots of interesting history and local stories.  Bart was one of our first people connections that made the SF Bay go from a faceless anonymous place to one of greater depth and texture.  You could read more stories and experiences into the place you were in allowing a sense of affection for the place.  Unexpected, but wonderfully found in a cityscape.  Several dear characters have shown up in our travels: Liddy and Bill in Tiburon: which we especially appreciate for telling Josh about the Five Year Plan (which involves leaving his parents blissfully ignorant of any errant questionable activities for 5 years) and for being super generous; Frank in San Diego who found us on the dock and saved us hours of time getting ready to head into Mexico, but best of all entertaining us with his funny stories and ‘casual’ driving style. Love you!  What a great feeling to head off into Mexico with many happy memories of what open, generous, happy spirited neighbours we have!

First Thoughts

I put a category on the website call Perspectives because  I thought there would be all this time to meditate on life as we drifted down the coast on Adesso.  Quite the opposite has been my experience, not that I don’t have daily surprises, thoughts, even preponderance’s but to have time to put that to “web” (that would be pen in the olden days) – well only if I were to forgo sleep.  So this is my first (short) perspective. Every day is full of the new, vignettes stand out but in truth just a stream of images, thoughts, which upon reflection are associated with me but actually are experienced more like a dream with “me” in it.  The new is more overwhelming and varied than “I” can imagine.  Yesterday we sailed into the land of sea otters, humpbacks passed , even an orca swam beside us as we motored into Monterey; who’s shores are painted with “us”.  I remember walking in the Banking district downtown San Francisco and pass, along with everyone else, an unconscious  homeless man sprawled in the middle of the sidewalk ; could have been dead for all I know; and a stream of humanity moved by, in a different world.  I wonder how much of life is lived in a different world.

Our world.

Our world.

First thoughts are:  how lucky and thankful I am to have followed the fork in the road sending us off on the Adesso Adventure. That adventure is a story that can only be lived.