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The first week.

Aside from bolting all the hardware back onto Adesso she had to be re-rigged.  We new that due to  a couple of years sitting on the hard in the east coast leaks needed to be attended to.  The chainplates were one of these sources.  The mast was off the boat so removing chainplates and re -bedding was my first job.  The plates were supposedly replace some 4 years earlier but it turned out only 2 had been done.  Thanks to the great work by Craig at Pacific Fabricating two days later the remaining 4 were made!  With a little blood loss these were bolted in and ready to step the mast.

Adesso entering the pacific ccean.

Adesso entering the pacific ccean.

Paint the bottom, clean out the dated auto system, service systems, put the sails back on the boat, more cleaning, dingy davits …………..!  Whew I hope this is the last boat as my age is showing.  To top it off we had a lift deadline of Friday.  Friday am the crane arrived to step the mast (it was only available on fridays) and the lift waould arrive a 4:00 pm to put Adesso in the water.  Without Jean-guy and Owens support I would never have made it.  Cap Sante let us stay on the lift wharf for the weekend so ready or not Adesso entered the Pacific Ocean.  You could tell she was happy to have ended years of sitting on land and we were looking forward sailing back to Canada.

At rest finally.

At rest finally.

Adesso arrives in Anacortes!


Adesso on the truck.

Adesso began her adventure with us in Rhode Island, Massachusets.  We chose to truck her to the Pacific Northwest which had its challenges.  At 36,0000 lbs dry weight ( no fuel or water – she was full of fuel ) and a mast that was 67 ft coupled with a 12’8 height restriction we were close to the max that could be transported this way.   Everything on the deck had to be stripped down to make our height restriction and the route across the US was not direct because of load length.  Every state has different rules of the road we discovered.  Needless to say after a few weeks of delay Adesso arrived in Anacortes!


Image 3

About to land in Anacortes at Cap Sante Marine.

I had two friends Owen and Jean-guy volunteer to help put the boat together and bring her into Canada.  Owen had to head back to Canada because of a sickness but left his van which was an invaluable time saver. This meant Jean-guy and I did the rest of the heavy lifting.  What a job!!! Everything was new to us, it was like putting a jigsaw puzzle back together with out a plan. Thankfully we had great help in Rhode Island pulling the boat apart and the notes that came with the boat resulted in very few nuts and bolts left over at the end!