New Porlights

The original portlights on the Passport 47  and 40 were cast in Asia and I’m sure if they were well maintained would still be serviceable today.  Ours were leaking, especially the fixed lights and the others needed seals, new glass and dogs for them to function properly.

Adesso's old port light

Old bronze fixed portlight.

Adesso's new fixed port light

Adesso’s new stainless trim.

 To add to the problem one was warped which would take heat to fix.  I decided to just bite the bullet and purchase a new set of stainless portlights from New Found Metals in Port Townsend ,WA.   The  install required cutting out the old ports, resizing the cutout then installing the new one.  I must say with the advent of  the Fein tool this job was to too difficult.  New Found Metals had excellent videos on the install so with in a couple of days all the lights were replaced.  The fixed lights were a different  matter, a new stales ring had to be custom manufactured, and I must say Nuno at Ocean Metals in Courtenay did a beautiful job.  I chose Makralon for the light material which could be cut by a band saw .

What a difference this has made to the boat. The looks inside and out not only improved but the amount of light that the ports allowed in was many times greater!  The stainless reflects light so much more than the old bronze ports.

Pasport 47 with new portlight

New Found Metals portlight installed.