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Forward Head Reno

As with most renovations it all started in a rather innocuous way, our Raritan manual head was leaking and in need of a rebuild.  The story goes something like this; now that the head is out I should refinish the head base, now that the head base is out I should refinish the bulkhead behind the head, oh right the wash down pump needs replacing and the plumbing  should be moved, now that I have access, maybe I should put a waste Y valve in and a shut off valve on the holding tank  and all of this is connected to the forward gear locker that has a leak somewhere, I might as well tear that out – while I was at it .

Passport 47 head

After all the work !

Because there was not room in the head the vented loop was put in the forward locker all old holes in the bulkhead were sealed and the wash down pump was moved to the celling of the locker.    Paint and a new LED light will finish off this zone.

Passport 47

Moved wash down sumo

Passport 47

Vented Loop









This  was not the day or two job  it was weeks, but well worth the time spent.  Leaks gone and the forpeak will never be so organized again.  Also the shower was painted (Interlux Brightside ) a little varnish touch up  – WOW big improvement.  I’ll post a picture when all done.