Adesso comes to Canada

Jean Guy was hoping for a sail back to Canada but alas it was the motor most of the way! After clearing customs and making to trip to the Victoria Airport to pay our tax (ouch),  Jean Guy had to return to is wife before she started looking for a new husband!!  Rom at Custom Yacht Sales arranged a berth for a couple of days  so we could off-load all the spares etc that came with the Passport and load in some of our personal effects so we could cruise!

Passport 47

At rest in Mill Bay

Whew – a trip to Comox with the van later, we traveled the short trip to Mill Bay from Sidney where we were to spend a couple of days with family and settle in to our new home.  We knew Adesso came with a few projects but these first week would be going through the boat to find out “really” what we bought!  Our hope was of course that we will not find too many surprises.  In the mean time Sues sister Dawn and family are going join us on a day trip to a small beach a couple of hours away, the sails are up!!    Yes this boat loves to sail and I can’t wait for more.

The sails are UP!

The sails are UP!

Sues response to having the sails up was – fantastic!  After a great hike and a couple of hours on the beach it was back to Mill Bay .  We have summer sailing plans but needed to be back in Comox to move into our rental house.