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Cortes for the Weekend


On Hubert and Wendy’s mooring in the Gorge.

Well its not often that we would head off to a destination 30 nm away for the weekend but our good  friends and neighbours for many years the Calino’s were leaving Cortes Island and throwing a party!   Lucky for us Friday after work delivered  15 to 20 knot of wind going in the direction we were going!  By 8:30 pm we were tied up to Hubert and Wendy’s mooring in Gorge Harbour just in time for a late dinner and libation!  Saturday was sunny and glorious  with so much visiting old freinds  that spilled over onto waterfront decks at happy hour.  Cortes Island has such a great community and is surrounded by one of the great cruising grounds of the world ( in my opinion of course)!  Fathers day pancakes followed Sunday am and off to Comox but today the Yanmar did the heavy pushing.  Still a beautiful trip that ended with salmon BBQ on our boat.  Whew, my cheeks were worn out from smiling. We appreciate so much, Adesso, the friends and the water born life we have the opportunity to experience.

A view down Gorge Harbour .

A view down Gorge Harbour .

Max Prop Correction

Since splashing Adesso in the Pacific Ocean, Adesso would motor about 6.4 knots at 2700 rpm on her Yanmar 4J2E-HTE.  Not only did this seem too slow but the engine rpm’s seemed high.  After researching with the manufacturers of the Max Prop and doing load testing I decided to change the pitch from 16° to 22°. We had to do a half lift to do the job which would require taking the Max Prop apart to reset the angle.  For reference our Max Prop is a Classic 17 inch 3 blade.  We took a quick weekend trip to Lund and back to do the change.  Now I am happy to report that under full throttle the Yanmar loads up to about 3400 rpm max which is close to 80% of the governed max rpm of 3600 rpm.  I can now cruise at a 2400 rpm and make over 7.3 knots in calm water!  The other benefit was the engine and gear ran smoother with less noise and vibration.   To top off the weekend we had a light NW breeze to take us home. Thanks to Roy on his Contest 38 who took the video as we sailed by!


Adesso’s canvas was very tired when we bought her and as we are in the Pacific Northwest ( cool and wet ) a full enclosure was desirable.  This would give a “mud room” going on and off the boat in wet weather but also made cruising on wet cold days almost civilized!  This space would also double as Tilly’s home.  We have always been impressed with the design and quality of Iverson Dodgers over the years and after an exaustive share and price comparison we decided on them.  This meant a trip to Everett Washington and week’s wait while the job was completed.  I can not say enough good things about the dodger, professionalism and speed in which this job as done.

The trip to Everett was sunny warm and windless but we made the best of it!  Boat neighbour Mal Walsh and my son Josh came on the trip which was a little longer that expected but a good time was had by all!   Arriving in Everett after a stay in Friday Harbour and Port Townsend put us in time for our appointment!  On the first day we removed the old canvas and metal, new metal was bent ( we went with the 1.25 stainless tubing ) and the complete pattern was taken for the full enclosure.  After this we had a week to wait while the dodger and panels were created.  During this time I was working on installing our Webasto heating ( winter was coming!!!)  and numerous other small projects .  Nothing like a week away from distractions to get work done on a boat!

One week later our canvas arrived and was installed. What was most impressive was the fit, tight as a drum!  By the end of the day what was to become known as our bubble was done and we were dry inside!!


The hatches on Adesso were built by Atkins Hoyle and were showing signs of wear and tear.  The two large hatches had been recondition at great expense but still were missing some of the opening hardware.  All the other hatches needed seals, new Makralon and some of the hardware replaced.  The decision to replace rather than repair was Atkins Hoyle no longer made the 10 by 10 hatches that are used over the galley and forward head.  One of the 10 by 10’s frame was bent and another had broken hinges.  In the end it was also cheaper to replace than repair when shipping etc, etc, were all added in!  Lewmar Ocean series was my choice for best value and quality.  I must say that we were tempted by the stainless Bomar hatches but the price was too much for our budget to bear.   This was a relatively easy job as the Lewmar sizes fit without any modifications and the old hatches came off without too much swearing.  My favourite invented tool is a thin metal drafting ruler that I sharpened the  narrow end. I could lift the hatch with a pry bar a little and then run the ruler in to cut the sealer.  We have been VERY happy with the result.  Again one of the surprise bonuses of doing this job was the light that new glass let in not to mention the friction hinges.

Lewmar hatches

New 10 by 10 Lewmar Ocean hatches

Lewmar hatches

A view of the new center hatches on Adesso.