Max Prop Correction

Since splashing Adesso in the Pacific Ocean, Adesso would motor about 6.4 knots at 2700 rpm on her Yanmar 4J2E-HTE.  Not only did this seem too slow but the engine rpm’s seemed high.  After researching with the manufacturers of the Max Prop and doing load testing I decided to change the pitch from 16° to 22°. We had to do a half lift to do the job which would require taking the Max Prop apart to reset the angle.  For reference our Max Prop is a Classic 17 inch 3 blade.  We took a quick weekend trip to Lund and back to do the change.  Now I am happy to report that under full throttle the Yanmar loads up to about 3400 rpm max which is close to 80% of the governed max rpm of 3600 rpm.  I can now cruise at a 2400 rpm and make over 7.3 knots in calm water!  The other benefit was the engine and gear ran smoother with less noise and vibration.   To top off the weekend we had a light NW breeze to take us home. Thanks to Roy on his Contest 38 who took the video as we sailed by!