Adesso’s canvas was very tired when we bought her and as we are in the Pacific Northwest ( cool and wet ) a full enclosure was desirable.  This would give a “mud room” going on and off the boat in wet weather but also made cruising on wet cold days almost civilized!  This space would also double as Tilly’s home.  We have always been impressed with the design and quality of Iverson Dodgers over the years and after an exaustive share and price comparison we decided on them.  This meant a trip to Everett Washington and week’s wait while the job was completed.  I can not say enough good things about the dodger, professionalism and speed in which this job as done.

The trip to Everett was sunny warm and windless but we made the best of it!  Boat neighbour Mal Walsh and my son Josh came on the trip which was a little longer that expected but a good time was had by all!   Arriving in Everett after a stay in Friday Harbour and Port Townsend put us in time for our appointment!  On the first day we removed the old canvas and metal, new metal was bent ( we went with the 1.25 stainless tubing ) and the complete pattern was taken for the full enclosure.  After this we had a week to wait while the dodger and panels were created.  During this time I was working on installing our Webasto heating ( winter was coming!!!)  and numerous other small projects .  Nothing like a week away from distractions to get work done on a boat!

One week later our canvas arrived and was installed. What was most impressive was the fit, tight as a drum!  By the end of the day what was to become known as our bubble was done and we were dry inside!!