Our group of trapped boaters!!!

Our group of trapped boaters- wind starting in the morning.

Although the locals say winds are early this year we have been caught by the Pacific High that heats the interior of Oregon and California creating a low pressure zone over land.  The result is a squash zone between the two and every day from 9 am to midnight the NW winds blow, somedays over 35 knots.  Even the harbour channel is often closed as the ever increasing wind swells hit the ebb currents over the bar.  Newport Oregon is one of the better places along this coast to trapped but patience is beginning to fade. Every day the rigging is screaming, walking is a challenge and cold ( at least for us ).  We have made friends with the other boaters on the transient dock as we commiserate on the weather every day.  I have to laugh as the comment in the mornings is often “looks like we might get a break in a few days” but these have all evaporated so far.  This is the longest we have stayed on a dock during our whole year away,  and never have we been trapped so long, so we now are practicing the spiritual quality of “surrender”.  Movies, books, boat projects, food, beer and finding new and interesting hiking keep Sue and I occupied.  Josh has been working out and spending time with the kite surfers down at the beach.  He’s thinking that will be a sport to check out when he returns to Comox.

Favourite things so far are the Surf Town Coffee shop – they do their own roasting, and the Saturday farmers market – so good to taste local veggies again, and  then England Marine Supply – one of the best small town chandleries I have ever seen.