Newport, Oregon

We had a great run up the coast to Newport Oregon, which had a quick stop in Crescent City, CA for a few hours sleep and an early morning fuel up.  We decided to stop and have a rest, tour the Rogue Beer facility – craft beer being one of our favourite pastimes, and generally be a tourist for a couple of days, hoping that our luck with wind would continue.  A week later we are still at the dock with NW winds blowing in our face every day.  We are not alone waiting, four of us wait for the next break in the wind north and two French waiting are heading south.  We are now doing boat projects, potlucks, hiking the beach and reading a lot to pass the time.

The best surprise was meeting Vitalii and Larisa from Russia.  He sailed from his home near Vladivostok to  Seattle and now joined by his wife are sailing south, through the Panama Canal, up the Eastern seaboard to Boston, then across the atlantic to St Petersburg in Russia.  They were great fun and it was so exciting to meet a Russian cruiser!!!

Vitali and Lasmira with us.

Vitalii and Larisa with us.