Sailing is hard work!

The trip from Magdalena Bay to Cabo was a good representation of sailing in Mexico so far.  Maybe it’s because the water is soooo warm or the wind gods are drinking but sailing can be hard work.  The trip goes something like this.

Leave with coffee in hand, watching the sun rise in a 10 knot breeze on our beam, this is dreamy .

Life is so good!

Life is so good!

Does this last long, well about 5 miles along the breeze picks up, and up, and up to 27+ knots.  Quick reef the main and genoa , whew thats better. Not 15 minuets later wind drops back to 10 knots, shake out the reef and let out the genoa.  This is only good for another 1/2 hour and wind disappears  ( 2 knots ) , start the engine pull in the genoa.  We have one more short sailing round in 15 knots then end up motoring for 4 to 5 hours.  Here Josh settles into his favourite task , fishing.

Here fishy fishy!!!

Here fishy fishy!!!

As night falls wind returns and we have most of the evening with 20 knots on the beam, Adesso was flying at 8 to 9 knots until just before sunrise when, yes, the wind disappears and we motor into Cabo.   Sail changing has been so regular we are staring to get good at it, Josh and I can raise and douse  the gennaker in short order.  I never thought I would regularly break a sweat cruising but I have many times on the trip down the Baja.

Mas cervesa!

Mas cervesa!

Once anchored in Cabo we hoped to settle in and rest. Ha, good luck on that, what seemed like hundreds of jets skis suddenly appear; like mosquitos in the evening, massive cruise ships arrive and start shuttling the throngs to the bars.  We decide to escape into town for lunch hopping that the evening will be mellower, you can’t jet ski in the dark.  Well  peace and relaxation is not a Cabo sentiment, 5 pm Happy our starts with music on the beach.  This gets louder and louder, then suddenly a stream of at least 6 floating disco boats head out of the harbour to party in the bay, (where we are anchored) until I don’t know when, we just went to bed.  When the sun rose the next morning the anchor came up and Adesso high tailed it out of there.


5 thoughts on “Sailing is hard work!

  1. Tony and Sandy

    Ted Sue and Josh,
    As adventures go there is no begining and end just the makings of wonderful stories to be shared. Thanks for your blog and all that has been told so far. Now that the familiar places have past your stories will be of new places yet to be seen. Can’t wait to hear about those new places and the people who have dreamed them into being. Hope to catch up with you guys somewhere down the coast this winter but not on the Baja. Wishing you far winds and safe passages. One Love Tony and Sandy

  2. glenn

    Great updates love that the fishing is so good for Josh, bet those fish put up good fight. Maybe I can pick up small hard drive and down load all my music, it is after all 95% stuff you gave me Ted. Cheers

  3. Brad McDougall .. GRINN II

    Hello … Can you believe it no refund , no transfers ugh. They told me they would hang on to our 7 days for us for two years. Well you never know we may make it back there. Fair winds Brad, Aline and Jake

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