Rugged Point

Finally it was time to move beaches and Rugged Point was our next stop.   NW gales were blowing at Solander which meant a 20+ kn sail downwind in with just the jenny up.  Adesso covered the 25 miles to Rugged Point in quick order.  Anchored out of the wind we set out on more beach walks which Tilly loves ( I think she actually got tired here!)  At Sue met Leona from Victoria whom she had not seen in 20 years – wow small world.  We also met John Hazen who was on a Flicka, maybe the worlds smallest production offshore capable sail boat.  Josh always had a soft spot for Flicka’s so John invited him for a tour.  His story is interesting, originally from Hawaii where he made Hand boards, he sailed his Ficka south to Tahiti and back, then to Port Townsend where he currently lives aboard!  Legs tired from big beaches we were off to Queen cove and through the Tahsis Inlet which I had never travelled through before.  At the end of this was the call of Hot Springs Cove!

Flicka off Rugged Point

John aboard his Flicka off rugged point