Rigging Repairs

On arrival in Mission Bay where we anchored for a couple of days before heading to Southwest Yacht Club, I noticed a blot on the deck.  Hum- where could that have come from, we the boom vang attachment to the boom right above was coming loose.  In fact two bolts were missing (on the deck) and others were loose.  This needed repair which involved new bolts and epoxy metal.  As usual this caused me to inspect the area a little closer, the results were rebuilding the cheek blocks for my main reefing and the main traveller shackle was bending and stretched.  A little help from Downwind Marine and the rigger across the street resulted in all the parts needed. I feel MUCH better about having these parts refreshed.

1 thought on “Rigging Repairs

  1. Mike Smith ( brother)

    Hi Sue and Ted and Josh. Good job on the adventure! It’s so great that you are posting all that you are doing . It lets me live vicariously through you . Cool vid of the baha 1000 , looks like I’d enjoy it there . T and the kids and I are all doing great, lots of familly fun . As you mention staying in the moment and a feeling of gratitude for what IS now is key . Love you lots , may your good times keep rolling!

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