Not that we planned it, but arrival in Ensenada was the day before the Baja 1000 was to start. This is considered a holiday in the town and it was a carnival of people, noise and partying.   The great thing about Ensenada is that cruiser community is here, we have met may travellers all headed south, a great cross section of people that are all very helpful and generous.  Josh and couldn’t resist taking in some of the Baja 1000 starts, which resulted in the following vid which does a better job than words explaining the whole scene.

Another day of getting a few food supplies then we are off south, winds look good for a few days so we will take advantage.  We are still immersed in a constant flow of change , every day is new moving the mind closer to “Adesso”  ( the now ). Now I know this is the true gift of cruising.