Pinch Me!

Is all this fun really happening? The Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show was much more than we expected:

Beautiful wooden boats! – old (i.e. late 1800’s), new, tiny, large tall ships. Walking onboard and ducking inside some of the older vessels gives the feeling of stepping back into history.

Informative and entertaining talks and demonstrations!  – I got some very useful sail maintenance tips in the Hasse Sail Loft.

Creative boat wood working projects! – SUP boards, surf boards, mini float homes, etc

Great Food and Venues! – my favourite venue was a portable bar that looked kinda like a stage coach aptly named the “Wee Nip”, replete with bar tender pirate characters.

Art and Wood Crafts! – gorgeous wood craftsmanship

In addition to all this it was Port Townsend itself, an upbeat, funky-artsy seaside town with lots of old houses, wooden boats in the harbour and a kick-ass farmers market! The people were fantastic.  To top it all off we got to share some of this with Cortes Island friends who stayed for a sleep over with 7 of us bunked down on Adesso. No problemo!  Also one representative from our home port in Comox  – Stuart Mckenzie could be seen moving between the Wee Nip and Bar Harbour …

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  1. wendy

    hey there high seas adventurers!!!:) Looks like a jolly good time is being had by all. Josh I’ll gladly trade beef for that tuna!

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