Neah Bay

On the way out the strait we noticed our genoa stitching along the luff come away in one area so we decided to stop at Neah Bay to top up on fuel and Sue applied her new repair skills .  Looks like we will have to visit Quantum sails in San Francisco for a restitch!!!  Neah Bay marina has lots of empty space at the dock and were very nice only charging us 1/2 day to do all we needed.  Josh is super excited to get going and the next few days look good with easterlies to 25 knots to start turning north east to 15 knots. Adesso is pumped!!

Sue hard at work repairing our genoa

Sue hard at work repairing our genoa

6 thoughts on “Neah Bay

  1. Owen

    In the gulf islands now.

    Preparation does appear to be learning the skills, more than making sure in the condition of the boat.

    1. Pat

      Hi all! Wow! What a wonderfule adventure you are on…I imagine that as I write this you are somewhere in the middle of a very big ocean. How wonderful… I am using my google map to track your journey. Sue, on a personal note, I remember you explaining to me about chittas and vrittis and I find it very useful :)T
      hank you. Bye for now, Pat

  2. Glenn

    It’s sure an exciting start you three , that wooden boat show has been on my list for while gotta make it happen cheers

  3. Judith

    SOOO glad to see you’re still far away from Odile and any freakishly strong winds.

    BCTF/gov reach a tentative settlement. That means that I can stop pining about how I missed my chance as a stowaway on board and start shaping the minds of the future. Right. I’d still prefer to be a stowaway. Fair winds to you!

  4. Capt,n Mal

    Ha! skill with the palm and needle is not yet dead – whoopee, cast overboard the high tech world, sailmaker is an honourable craft – watch your fingers !……you guys departed south just in time…big gale approaches as I write……best as always. M&S

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