Following Summer

Here we go, southbound! Left Comox and we are currently in Rosario on Orcas Island (on the recommendation of new friends) via: Henry Bay, Jedediah, Thetis, Mill Bay, Portland Island, Prevost Island, Roche Harbour, and now Rosario. But lets back up.

Super fun times in Glenthorne Inlet, Prevost Island with Wendy, Hubert, Roland, Ruth, Irene and Barry! So fortunate to have such wonderful friends to share experience with!  Rafted up to Osprey with Baron Rouge Rafted up on the other side we settled ourselves in for happy times! Prevost is a beautiful island and we were able to access all of it through Hubert who has a farming history with the family who owns most of the island. Walking amongst old growth trees, meadows cleared in the 70’s, mossy bluffs adorned by majestic arbutus … well it just filled!

Being with kindred-soul-friends also filled, all of us… mostly with laughter!  Sailor-folk-of-modest-boat are sooooo easy to amuse!  A napkin on board Adesso struck Ruth’s fancy and away we went!  Hats, ties, headbands, leg warmers, cravats….Okay, maybe you had to be there….

Passport 47 travels

Laughter on Prevost Island