Drakes Bay to San Francisco

Passport 47

We are headed under the bridge.

Sue at Point Reys Lifeboat  Station.

Sue at Point Reys Lifeboat Station.

Drakes Bay was a pleasant surprise.  Point Reys National Park covers the many miles of shore but the point itself has a very interesting history not to mention the source of radio weather fax for our side of the Pacific Ocean.  We arrived in the dark and woke up to a HUGE bay, the sound of elephant seals noisily belching on shore and Adesso gently rolling in the swell.  After a quick breakfast we couldn’t wait to hit the trails on shore, what a beautiful area!! Josh and Sue did the first swim in “warmer water” and we settled in to spend our first night in days on the hook.  The following morning it was off to the Golden Gate bridge and Sausalito.  We managed sailing under genaker  for

Point Reys

Point Reys

about half the 20 miles then the wind died, even so the motor under the bridge was very exiting and marked the first of many firsts to come.  Our mission as we entered Sausalito was get fuel, water and cold beer which me managed to do before stores closed. Yeh!! The masses of boats anchored out was overwhelming but we found a spot kick back and enjoy the view and contemplate this new place with a cold one in hand!

3 thoughts on “Drakes Bay to San Francisco

  1. Tony and Sandy

    To dream a better world into being and live fully in the beauty of that moment. Point Reyes is one of my favorite hiking spots and have seen many beautiful sights from high above the bay. Welcome to the US and may this visit treat y’all wonderfully. Enjoy all that you dream up to do! Om Shanti Tony

  2. glenn

    HI guys sounds like its going great I just happened on the following , its you to the T bannister family
    Exultation is the going – If an inland soul to sea.
    Past the houses-past the headlands-Into the deep Eternity-

    Bred as we, among mountains. Can the sailor understand
    The divine intoxication — Of the first league out from land?
    Emily Dickinson

  3. Christine

    Congratulations! A significant accomplishment indeed! We remember waking to the light after we had done a night anchor in Drake’s Bay. We were shocked at the size of the bay and how far we were from the shore. Thanks for letting us revisit our memories. We will send you our shoe story very soon.

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