Banderas Bay Regatta


Hughs 48

The winning crew!!

Barry and Syliva have raced Iolani constantly in the San Francisco Bay and were loving the chance to take a break from cruising to race in the Banderas Bay Regatta.  This is supposed to be a “cruisers” regatta but we all know what that really means  “no holds barred” racing.  We joined the crew as deck slaves and what a great time we had and yes Iolani won her class!!!   I was part of the forced crew and josh was part of the genoa trim team – this means lots of grinding on winches.  I must say the crew did have a lot of experience, and we were all motivated by Barry’s polite (not) reminders whenever anything went wrong!  Like all famous captains our reward was beer and food!  Actually the real reward was the racing which was so much fun for me a Josh!