Paddlers Inn in the Broughton’s

Our trip up into the Broughton Group was uneventful with the wind gods giving us a short break in the relentless NW gales in Johnston Strait that we were beating into.  Our first extended stop was with Bruce and Josee McMorran in Simoon Sound just north of Echo Bay.  We have known them since our Cortes Island days and they own the Paddlers Inn.

Passport in the Broughton's

Adesso at rest infront of the Paddlers Inn

This beautiful spot in the Broughton’s caters to kayakers that want a break from camping or a base to paddle out of.  The cabins are rustic but have all the important amenities, bed, hot water, shower, kitchen and spectacular views.  We spent a couple of days visiting, hiking and in general, hanging out. Josh and I successfully did our first engine fix on the fly.  The kill switch stopped working when we arrives at the Inn.  It turned out to be a loose wire on the kill solenoid which should have taken maybe 5 min. to fix but….. To access this wire and get a screw driver on it we had to take the whole solenoid off the engine.  Yanmar gets a negative on this design feature which took us an hour to correct!   It was here that Sue and Josh made the decision to head around Vancouver Island and not north, so plans were made to head for fuel, water and groceries.