Hurray!!!   After a little struggle  (mostly my learning curve and a few leaks to fix) the Spectra seems happy to make water.  Sue can have as many showers as she wants and we might even make enough to wash the boat occasionally.  Amazing technology and it is surprisingly efficient.  We are using only 9 amps to make water at 13 gallons per hour which our solar will keep ahead of in the middle of the day.  The install of the Spectra 380 is a little cramped on Adesso and is hard on the knuckles to work on but we are free from the need to find good water, this an amazingly freeing.  I must say my old brain is constantly challenged with learning some new skill, and the Spectra manual was another of those things.  All this “smart” technology takes smart people to run when problems occur, and sometimes I wonder if I’m up to the task.

Passport 47 watermaker

Spectra on Adesso