3 thoughts on “Stats to Oct 31

  1. Asheya

    I’m loving following you guys on your big adventures!! It all sounds amazing; the seaside jogging, water maker!, josh’s surf board, greetings from sea lions, almost losing your mast! even the ‘sparklies’! I’m living varcariously through you lounging on our sofa with my blanky and the wood stove blasting away. Love that you’re experiencing the superficial to the profound within this amazing dream called the human life. Continue to live it up for us all!
    Love you and miss you!
    Asheya and Glenn

    1. Farrell

      Hi Folks, I love your posts. Keep up the stats page please- I especially liked that one as it summarizes the cruise so far in terms I can certainly relate to!. The cockroach scare/shrimp feast is familiar too.
      I think the trials and tribulations are part of the adventure- without them you could sign up for a cruise-ship experience.
      Please post some pictures of Josh and parents surfing with the new board.
      Fair winds on the backsides! Farrell

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