San Diego to San Francisco

Southwestern Yacht Club were very generous again, we found ourselves meeting up with other cruisers headed north not to mention our saviour Frank!!!  I had a list of repairs to do: repair the freezer, the boomvang  and a full engine maintenance.

Captain Frost  – Bill came to look at the freezer and we found that a small bit of moisture in the coolant froze in the expansion capillary tube which kept the freezer from working.  This “ is a common problem with early keel coolers” so he put a  descant in the loop of the coolant and we were back up and running though a few $$ poorer.  At some point in time we would have to upgrade the keel coolers to the new ones.  One of the great things about being in Shelter Island is that all you boating needs can be met within walking distance.  This made it easy to to prep Adesso for the next leg of our trip in just a couple of days.  Sue did the trips to Costco and Safeway to replenish the food stocks that had melted away.  Looked like a window was coming our way so fuelled up we headed to Dana Point.

Dana Point was to be a short overnight stay and then continue on, here we should have heeded Predictwind but went anyway, which resulted in our stop only 20 miles north in Newport, CA.   With our window closed we anchored in the public anchor area for the Memorial Day weekend which is the first big party weekend of the summer in the states.  Waiting for the winds to drop we ventured to Balboa Island, walked the beach, and took our dinghy around looking at all the amazing waterfront houses with yachts attached to them.  Josh was especially impressed with an that was at least 120 feet long!!!

Biggest cat I have ever seen!

Biggest cat I have ever seen!

Finally we got our window north, a quick stop in Santa Barbara for fuel, an over night stop in Coho anchorage just south of Point Conception to hide from the afternoon NW and then straight to San Francisco Bay.