Return to Civilization

The days were very foggy in the Broken Group so we decided to make a run for Victoria  and the sunshine!!  The westerly gale that sets up in the Juan de Fuca Strait should just push us there, at least that is what we thought!  It turned out that the two day trip back to civilization was without a breeze and mired in fog the whole day.  Ugg.  As soon as we rounded Race Rocks 4 miles from Victoria the fog disappeared and a breeze stared up, as if it was waiting for us to arrive via motor.  None the less we were happy to be back in the warm so after a fuel up we ventured over to Hidden Harbour Marina where our friend Jim and a slip awaited.  From here to Comox we would have a packed social schedule which was wonderful.  We had time to visit with so many friends and family.  Tilly was loving all the visitors thinking they had all come to see her and she was happy to see the end of all that swell.

Tilly greeting Uma, love at first sight.

Tilly greeting Uma, love at first sight.

The last couple of weeks of our trip went like a blur which results in the blur of a post. Due to all the distraction no pictures were taken and even though we covered a lot of ground this story is condensed into a few lines.

Josh people watching in Victoria.

Josh people watching in Victoria.



– saw Chris, Lisa Uma,Jim Cookie,Al,Zoe

– shopped for t-shirts, shorts, beer, coffee



Canoe Cove

– on mooring buoy to have the Backstay adjuster repaired

– saw Jim and Kathy


Mill Bay

– saw the Smith and Bannister clans


Walace Island Marine park

– break to swim and hike with just us


Step-in out on the town!

Step-in out on the town!


– very busy!!!!  Granville Island tasties!!

– saw Jeff for dinner




Jedediah Island

– couple of days in our favorite Marine Park close to home



– on our mooring for a quick laundry and grab food

– pic up Glenn and Asheya

 Now we were off to Cortes to witness Tim and Elizabeth getting married…  The sun and fun seemed like it would never end!  Well, rain was in the forecast for the first time in a month and a half.