We have not had that may injuries this trip.  The usual scrapes that often take a long time to heal if they are on the feet, as they often are.  Sue even had to take antibiotics for a toe issue that got quite infected.  Josh on the other had did get stung by a ray not once but twice.  These stings are very painful as the tail of the ray has a barbed hook that jabs you if you happen to step on them.  The word at the beach is “shuffle your feet”!  The remedy for a ray sting is get hot water – VERY hot water , on the wound right away and keep it there for as long as you can stand.  The picture shows Josh getting the hot water treatment but by now the beers that you get in sympathy have numbed the pain.

Josh with his foot in a buck of hot water.

Josh with his foot in a buck of hot water.

1 thought on “OUCH!

  1. Mr. Tim

    OUCH! ok. I’m gonna shuffle my feet when I’m there for sure now.
    If you guys are still there come the end of march….lets get together!!! I’m coming to Sayulita from March 28 to April 11th. Looking at the trajectory of your stops on the map, it seems you’re already heading north, but if you’re still around…..!
    Hope J’s foot heals up quickly!
    looks like you’re all having too much fun.
    big love,

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