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One of the feed pumps back in service

One of the feed pumps back in service

Yes, all those projects I thought I would get to once we were cruising in the south, with time on our hands, have remained.  Once in a while things do require attention.  Recently we noticed our water makers production fall off and lucky for us Chris on SV Legacy went to Spectra Factory training and carried a few spare parts aboard. After a little testing we decided the problem was the feed pumps needed rebuilding and yes he happen to have two kits available.  With the rebuild kits in hand I had to remove the pumps  rebuild them and put them back.  The removing and putting back being the hardest part of the job, hot ,sweaty ,upside down in a small space!  Now we are making a full 15 gallons per hour of water so we don’t have to change our rich water use ways.

Then the dingy motor – just three years old was having starting and idling problems.  Upon checking the oil was being diluted with gas – yikes.  This turned out to be a small metal shard in the fuel jet preventing it from closing but took a morning on the beach learning all about Tohatsu repair on the run. Oh and of course an oil change.

Its that it – well not really – a few electronic communication issues, our Dripless Shaft Seal lost lock nuts and started to sink the boat, the head needs greasing and oiling and the bottom of the boat is in constant need of cleaning – barnacles and other tropical life seem to laugh at the bottom paint that is supposed to keep them off!

Throw in cleaning, eating , socializing, surfing, walking, snorkelling … there is not time for discretionary boat  projects – yet!

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  1. Tony&Sandy

    The wonder of it all. How’s Ted shred handling the extra surfers on board? Happy New Years to all
    One Love Tony&Sandy

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