More Power!

Passport 47 solar

Morning star mounted on electronics wall.

Adesso came to us geared around a new Master Volt Whisper generator but we are of the alternative energy mindset so solar and reconnecting the wind generator was at the top of our list.  After much research I decided on the Morningstar MPPT 45 regulator and a single 250 watt/30 volt solar panel.  These panels are the standard in larger solar installations so are the cheapest per watt and the most durable.  I calculated that it would produce under 15 amps so I put a 15 amp breaker inline to safeguard all the parts. Much to my surprise these panels turned out to more efficient than advertised and during peak sun the breaker would blow  – it was charging at 20+ amps!!!!  A larger breaker is in order.   Our local solar expert Terratek supplied the panel and regulator and were very helpful. I’m now wondering about adding another to the bridge by changing the orientation.

To mount all this Nuno at Ocean Metals came up with a great idea that he had done on other boats.  Because Passports pushpit  is so well built and strong we just made two vertical 2″ poles mounted to the deck, supported to the corners of the pushpit and the solar bridge at the top.   With the wind on one side and electronics moved to the other everything was neat and tidy.

Nuno's handy work!

Nuno’s handy work!