Mayor’s Raft Up

Mayors raft up overflows on to  SV Aussi Rules

Mayors raft up overflows on to SV Aussi Rules

Every Friday in the Blue Bay anchorage in Tenacatita  the mayor organizes a dingy potluck with the boats in the anchorage.  These are always interesting, fun and bring the already small cruising community closer.  We have been in the area for  three weeks and are beginning to understand how easy it would be to just be in the area for months!   Supplies are close, beaches  are beautiful, snorkelling is fantastic , every day there  are a number of activities, surfing, Bochi on the beach, Mexican train in the palapa  or …..   the days just drift by.  This area is also the dividing line between those heading further south.  A small group go as far a Zihuatanejo for Sailfest and the Guitar Festival then return, the rest head on to destinations further south.   Zihuatanejo is usually a motor both ways at this time of year ( 400 kt miles in total ) and the temperatures pops up another 5 + degrees so with out AC or bigger fans Sue would definitely over heat!  As a result we will be soon saying adios to a number of boats heading further south on bigger adventures.  I can’t express how wonderful and open the people  we meet cruising are – becoming friends in such short time only to find ourselves saying heart felt good -byes.  The saying “ships passing in the night”  has a whole new meaning for us on Adesso.

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  1. Mal

    AHHH the good life, must say it makes me think why am I up here !. memories for ever for you all, so happy for you ( and glad I no longer have a dripless shaft seal.) Did a survey for Brad and Janet and he has departed once again a happy man with his captain,………adios

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