Leaving for offshore

We are going!

Hurray  – or –  Akkkk what have we done!!!   Sue with great excitement gave her leave notice so we are committed to our offshore adventure this fall.   The boat list is small ( I hope it stays that way) , our piggy bank has no where near enough $$$, the list of what we need to organize seems way toooooooooo long but throwing caution to the wind we are off.    You might find us at Costco in future year getting the $1.50 hotdog special to survive but as I often say ” you never know what might fall out the sky”.    Josh is enrolling with PIE education for school and is very excited to be off traveling the less traveled road.   Tilly will have to find a temporary home while we are gone because she is terrified at sea and really needs a few sheep to keep her occupied, Kayto on the other hand will join us, Yeh